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Thread: Clock Up Laptops

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    hi i'm just wondering if you can clock up laptops, cause you can't update them, so please give us all the imfo you have, Thankyou

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    you can iu think just as you could nay other desktop, problem is, you will have barley any cooling options, so in my mind at least it is a bad idea...

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    laptops could be overclocked but tbh I wouldnt really ant to do it...first reason would be heat...u overclock u generate more heat and one of the problems with laptops is the heat they generate...second reason would be that to get a good overclock u would usually need to increase some voltages which would shorten the battery life

    i think it could be done though

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    Apart from the problems already stated, you would have to have a bios which permitted you to change the clock speed. This is unlikely as it would also mess up the power saving features used to declock the processor when idle.
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    u could always use fridge cooling for ur

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    Boring but essential reply
    -buy ram
    -upgrade hard drive
    -do you clean up your registry-(registry healer)
    -tweak?`-try tweak
    -Basic-use your vacuum cleaner on the opposite side of where the fan goes out and suck out the months of dust - this will garantued cool it down.
    Sorry for banal help


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