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Thread: Wireless Network..

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    There is a wireless network in my uncle's house and im staying with him 5 months, thats the way he shares his internet connection trough the house, can someone tell me what do i need to have internet on a crappy laptop that has Pentium 1 and 16Mb of ram, the damn laptop doesnt even have a cd rom, but it does have a PCMCIA port, i think thats enough, can someone tell me wich should i buy and what do i need have internet on it, THANKS IN ADVANCE...

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    Originally posted by Cygnuz-Y@9 December 2003 - 00:34
    what do i need have internet on it
    A memory upgrade.

    Most sites these days need IE5 as minimum. I'm not sure whether IE5 runs on Win95, but it certainly won't run successfully with that amount of memory in any case.

    But other than that, you would need a wireless pcmcia adapter, some examples here
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    that laptop has windows 98 in it, do you think it will support explorer...

    BTW im a little scared that it might need drivers and the laptop doesnt have a cd rom, well thanks for your answer, do you know what do i need to configure it? what IP and everything...?


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