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Thread: We Can Improve And Use Imesh

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    If Sharman block K-Lite we can improve and use Clean iMesh use the same network Fastrack , don't contain spyware because is already cleaned , never crashed on my pc, support sig2dat links, avipreview , speed up , and is looking better then kazaa.I will try resouce hacker on this to see how is looking inside ,if anyone want to help or have ideeas is welcome.

    Here is another team that cleaned Imesh and added some feautures and tools ( but i don't trust, i like the DrDamn Version)

    Note: jamar's Version is not totally clean, you must run ad-aware .Try to do something using Resource Hacker or anythign else you know with DrDamn cversion .The Imesh Light claims to have:
    Peer Guardian
    AVI Preview
    Speed-Up Sharemonkey

    But i readed some negative reviews on it , so try to do something with DrDamn version.

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    Imesh by Dr. Damn is reliable, I've tried it but it's far behind when it comes to Klite. They've only few users.

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    P2P Networks
    December 7, 2003 - 12:00 EST
    iMesh 1,311,015 source--------- Slyck

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    Nice research, Shared.

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    I thought that the iMesh Clean was based on a version Fast Track that is before the newer KMD versions, thus if KL++ gets kicked off the network they may as well.

    I have noticed in recent searches that there seem to be alot of KL++ users, this may be due to the lack of conectivity of regular KMD users. I have also noticed that @fileshare users show up as well, iMesh users. However if we were to merge together considering iMesh is not updated then there may be a decent amount of numbers between us...

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    Merging two P2P programs can be a vast for users. It's easily updated if both founder will corroborate.

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    A story on KL++ extermination :

    ???????????????? True ot not true ?????????????????

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    No we don't have to merge the 2 programsj ust improve imesh like is done it in the past with K-lite.

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    SOunds good, but what do you want to do with it, other then use it.

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    Originally posted by Agent Smith@9 December 2003 - 00:47
    SOunds good, but what do you want to do with it, other then use it.
    I would like to know if its possible for it to Blow Me perhaps...

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