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Thread: Simcity 4, Foreign Language

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    I think i dwnloaded the right cd1 for simcity 4. It was about 568mb, along with the cue file. Took me a while to figure out how to burn it to cd, but i did that. Anyway after burning it, I tried testingit and i came up with a start screen asking for a langauge either in chinese, korean, Thai.

    Is this the right version>>????

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    I think what's it trying to say is... to like choose the language you understand?

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    Shouldnt english be on it?

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    English isn't on it? Probably not the english version you downloaded.

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    well is it onli the setup or the game... if itz onli the set up u can figure it out... jsut keep cliking ENTER or space bar... lolz... datz wat i do, or u can keep trying... wen u install therez onli 2 buttons .... well three BACK, NEXT, EXIT

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    its the very first load up window

    i am soooo no gonna be happy if its a diff language, grrrrr

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    English was second from top option......must learn to read better.

    Tip to all: Make sure i read better before I ask questions.

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    Yes, like some people should read the FAQ more. Good for you found it. You saw other languages but you missed English?


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