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Thread: Nero Help Please

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    i read the insttructions in the pinned topic. But i think i'm doing it wrong. I put the cue and the bin in the same folder. Then I opened nero and put the cue in. then i clicked burn and set it to disk at once. but all i got was then cue file on the cd.

    am i supposed to put the cue and the bin on nero and burn?

    please help :/

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    open nero, close the wizard @ the top pick file burn image or if you have the newer nero 6 ultra edtion you pick recorder->burn image
    then hit burn @ the top

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    do i burn just the cue or the cue and bin?

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    no you choose burn image, a box will pop up and just choose the cue
    the cue is the instructions for nero to burn it

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