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Thread: Bug Found In Excel 2003

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    RAND bug found in Microsoft Excel 2003

    Not at all random, it appears

    By INQUIRER staff: marted́ 09 dicembre 2003, 11.28

    WOODY FROM Woodywatch tells us that he's discovered a bug in Excel 2003.
    He claimed that the RAND() function in 2003 has a "big big bug", and while it should produce a random number between zero and one, but instead it returns negative numbers that aren't at all random.

    He claims that Microsoft has been told about the problem and hasn't done anything in the past.

    While it may seem like a not very serious problem, if the bug is verified, it actually is a real bind. It's sused for financial model,s medical studies, and for a whole heap of other predictive software applications.

    He said that Microsoft replaced the RAND() function when it updated Excel to Excel 2003.

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    I still havent got office 2003...shall i get it even tho it has this bug in and probably some more which need uncovering?


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