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Thread: Oh Mine Where Has Kl Gone

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    Well again we are unable to keep using anther good P2P software just because those /(?=)$&$& sharman industries want us to look to all fo their shit adds.

    I have three Pc┤s and right now I am uninstalling Kazaa and of course will install KL.

    ┐Will there be someday a new version of KL.?

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    From reading the forum, the chances of a new version of K-Lite right now are almost zero. Even still, version 2.4.3 works well. The utilities that come with K-Lite(KaZuperNodes, K-Dat, K-Sig, KL Extensions, Bad IP Ranges Updater, and the Hosts Tool) have been updated. You can get those updates in the Development section of this forum. As far as I know, the AVI Preview has not been updated. So staying up to date with all the utilities that come with K-Lite can be confusing at times.


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