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Thread: Fix Corrupt Kazaa Downloads

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    Originally posted by Shareaza Forums
    Instructions on how to recover lost downloads:

    1) You must still have the incomplete file for this to work (obviously)
    2) Rename the old file to whatever pleases you ( only temp )
    3) Start a new download of the SAME file (must have the same hash)
    4) Once the new download has started, pause it
    5) Goto c:\program files\shareaza\ incomplete ( or your equivalent download folder )
    6) Copy the file name of the NEW download
    7) Delete the NEW download
    8) Rename the OLD download to the name you copied
    9) Go back to Shareaza and unpause the download
    10) Right click on the download, Goto Advanced, Then Advanced Edit
    11) Click the Assume 100% Complete and Reverify ( if an error comes saying you do not have any hash, wait for a while let the download run on the file Shareaza has to get the tth or ed2k hash, try again in a little while)
    12) That should start the tth bar to run accross the download the parts missing will be filled in red

    There, BTW some interesting things can be done with this. For example import downloads from kazaa or pretty much anything. Or even fix corrupted kazaa downloads...use at your own risk though

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    It should be added that this tip only works with the latest version


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