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Thread: Cd Writing

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    i ripped a few mp3's on an empty cd --- 7 of em' using nero ,, i made sure i unchecked "finalize cd" so i can add more mp3's but now i cant
    why ????
    how do i do it using nero ??
    ant software which supports it ?

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    One possibility is that you selected the audio cd format and burned the cd so there might be not enough space left on the cd. another possibility is that you are not selecting the continue multisession option while adding the extra files.try selecting this option it should work.if you have updated your nero since he last burn try using the last version but there is very minor possibility that updating nero will render old tracks unusable so if no solution then give it a shot......

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    i am using nero 6
    i am selecting multisession but nope doesnt wrk !!
    any other software which does it ?

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    it aint haz good but easy dvd cd creater 6 its works on dat i tried it


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