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Thread: Emniem Is A Gay

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    i got this thread from other board and i think it is true..

    34 year-old Detroit Man admits to homosexual affair with Eminem (9/12/03)

    "In what has turned out to be a nightmare two weeks for Detroit's most famous rapper after Benzino 'revealed Eminem's true colors' (see News) it seems that some even more sordid details of Eminem's (Real name Marshall Mathers) past have come back to haunt him.

    A 34 year-old former Detroit resident, who asked to remain unnamed, yesterday admitted that he'd had a 'love affair' with the rapper 11 years ago. He showed grainy pictures of the two together and admitted that Eminem had given him a massive pay-off when he signed with Dr. Dre to stop his former partner from saying anything. The man also played some intimate tapes that Eminem had made for him; the Source are said to be ready to face bankcrupcy in order to get hold of them.

    "Marshall, or 'Pumpkin' as I used to call him, was a very tender, very giving partner. He admitted that he felt comfortable with me, and that he'd finally stopped living in self-denial regarding his sexuality." The man admitted that Eminem had chosen to keep their relationship a secret, and ended the relationship when one of his friends found out. He also said that one member of D12 was aware of the affair, but refused to say who.

    The man also stated that Eminem had continued to call and meet with him until 1999, often for sex. Asked if he knew of any other homosexual affairs Eminem may have had, the man stated "None that I know of." Asked if their relationship had been solely sexual, the man replied; "No, we expressed our love for each other in several ways; verbally and sexually. Pumpkin was very much in love with me, as I was with him." Asked why he chose to expose Eminem, he said "I don't see it as exposure. I genuinely believe that I'm rescuing his life; because he is in denial of his true self."

    The man accepted no money for this interview.


    i knew he was a racist but i neven knew he was a gay!!

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    Emniem ?? Metho who's that
    He's not gay it's just an ANTI eminem groupie,
    Or he is

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    You're dumb asshole

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    Emniem ?? Metho who's that
    Shit happens anyway its Eminem not emniem

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    Was that neccesary Metho?

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    its just some people..... anyway u r right, i'v removed it and remove urs as well plz

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    all the goodlooking men are gay

    i still think hes a great guy no matter what ! his rapping is brilliant and the best!!!

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    Totally agree with you on that point B)

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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    "Eminem is a gay"?
    A gay what? Talk English FCOL.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?

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    eminem is like mike jackson. he's trying to be something he can't be

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