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Thread: Find Out In Which Server A File Is Available

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    If you followed an ed2k link and there are no sources or just a few available, find the best server to connect to, using Jigle.

    To find out which is the best server to connect to, in order to get the file you want, do the following:

    1- Copy the ed2k link of the file you want to download.

    2- Go to Jigle.

    3- Paste the ed2k link in the "Filename" field.

    4- If the file was recently released, change the "Availability" to "1-2", otherwise keep it "3+".

    5- Hit the "Search" button.

    6- Scroll down and look for a box with the ed2k hash and an "Update Jigle" button.
    If this box doesn't show up, just keep pressing "Search" until it does.

    7- Press the "Update Jigle" button to let Jigle search the eDonkey2000 network for the specific file you requested.
    Your request will be enqueued and Jigle will tell you how long it will take to show the results.
    Note: If your search request is rejected due to a "queue overflow", just go back and keep pressing the "Update Jigle" button, until your request is enqueued.

    8- Once the search results come up, click on the "[serverlist]" link, and scroll down to get a list of the servers where the file is available.

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    alternatively right click file, go to webservice, and then select jigle fake search

    Remember serving hopping can get you banned if you keep doing it. You can just mule to do the source finding for you without having to change servers.


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