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Thread: New Are Of This Forum

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    Hey all. as you can see there is a new layout and i kinda like it with all the p2p's split up into different areas in this forum.

    i am only suggesting but i reckon there should be like a virus/pc news area on the forum...the mods/admin could set it up and see how it goes.

    this is only a thought. plz reply if you agree with my thought


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    Wouldn't Softwareworld and Hardwareworld cater for that already

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    Also there are a lot of good sites that keep updates every hour, within the viri world it is hard to update all the time, people will also post every virus they get although for some people it will be old ones

    Just post if you really got a big problem (softwareworld will do for that), but you can keep out of trouble if you just run a good anti virus programm that you keep up to date...

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    Symantec have a page where you can see the latest virus threats. I am sure it would be a better thing to use instead of wating for some lamer* to post a thread.

    *No offence intended


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