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    Hi all Im new in here, been using kazaa for ages, just not the forums, got the new version of kazaa lite, and i was wondering if anybody can tell me what the pTRACK does and is for. When i run it, i cant do anything with it, it runs in the sys tray, but when i right click on it it brings up the optrions, but as soon as i try to click on the options, they dissapear, i have to c+a&del to close it, im running winxp pro, cheers all the best from a new user, R1cht.

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    It is supossed to allow you to run multiple user accounts but i've never used it

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    it dose run 2 or more accounts. it isant that good. but good for a mutiple user pc.

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    It does what the two other users said above and it acts like Speedup. You can set it to run every 5, 10, 15, or so mins. Try double-clicking the systray icon and the main screen should pop up. I recommend using SPeed-up though.

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    thanks guys thats been useful, i wont bother using it then, i will just use speed up

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    Also, which is a great feature is (for example) you can make ur mp3s and wmas go to My Music folder (or any other folder) and your mpeg, divx, xvid, and mpgs go to (for example) to a My Movies folder... thats a great faeture which is one I think is the best feature....


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