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Thread: Which Port Do I Foward On My Router?

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    Ok, i had bittorent a few months ago and i couldnt seem to find a lot of files and i didnt see great speeds, so i got rid of it. I just decided to get it back since i found a bunch of sites. However, the speed problem is still an issue. Can anyone tell me what port i need to forward on my router (linksys) or any other tips for speeding up, other than sharing more. Thanks.

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    ~My Guide~

    1.) First step is to find your "Gateway IP" its default on Linksys as "".

    2.) Go into IE and type that IP and hit enter...You should get a password prompt like this...

    3.) The default pasword is usally "admin" or "admn" on linksys. If someone has tried to configure your router, they might have put there own password. In this case reset the router. There is a botton on the back that says "RESET" hold it for 45 seconds and let go.

    4.) Next you will be at the main page.

    5.) Find "Advanced" tab at the top. Open it to the next page.

    6.) Next find the "Forwarding" Tab. Open to next page.

    7.) Set up ports. As you can see, this is mine. Use the ports on the picture under BT

    8.) To find your LAN IP

    WinXP - Start>Run>CMD>IPCONFIG>Under IP Address>That is your LAN IP Win98 - Start>Run>WINIPCFG>Should tell you under your network adapter

    P.S. - If you find this guide helpfull, please send me a thanks

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    how do I forward a pourt ....while ur at it TheFilePirater...tell me that too plz!

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    Thanks, filepirater. I actually know how to forward ports, i just didnt know which ones to do. Figured it out shortly after i posted, but thanks for the quick response. You, or someone motivated, should post a thread dedicated just to how to forward a port, for other newbies.

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    this topic should get pinned, ofcourse a better more detailed guide, i put that thing together in like 5min

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    I tried to follow your method but my forward page looks totally different. Why is that?

    sig removed.

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    heres ur pic edited for port forward...ur setup is different because the firmware is older...goto linksys and in drivers find ur router and d/l the update


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