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Thread: Traffic Tab Visual Interface Improvements

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    1. There are column headers to sort the items ascending or descending. However this sort is not interactive; after the sorting action, when the value of a row at that column changes, the position of the row does not change. I suggest there might be an option to do that.
    2. Sorting by progress cannot be done, might because it is using a bar rather then a text. I suggest it will sort according how much of the percent completed.
    3. “Downloaded/Total Size” column will separated, so sorting can be done for each of them.
    4. When downloading from multiple sources, partially downloads will be sorted internally.
    5. Remaining time should be written to the partially download rows.

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    That's a very difficult task, well depends on the Mod team.

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    Greetings -

    I'd like to add that the "done"/"total size" columns, as well as being separated and sortable, should be extrapolated into a "percentage done" column.

    Cheers, woggie


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