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Thread: Problems With Dl-614+ And Kl 2.4.3!

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    I just canīt get these two to co-operate very well with each other. I did the virtual server configuration as suggested on D-Links FAQ page. I also "enabled" port 1214 and I donīt function as a supernode. The upploads are more lazy now than before when I didnīt have the router. With the downloads I have two major problems. First, if I search for something and try to download i very often get "more sources needed" directly despite the high b/w or low ETA. Second, during the search I donīt get as many hits as before, or donīt get ANY hits at all on files I may already have on the download list and that I know are commonly shared.

    All suggestion really appreciated!!!! Thank you!

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    I have the exact same problem with the exact same router. I am able to get a few files from time to time, but my upload and download rates have greatly decreased, as weel as the ability to find much of what I'm looking for and for other to d/l from me. My guess is it has something to do with the firewall settings (D-Link won't let you turn it off). I haven't been able to get K-Lite back to the performance I enjoyed before earlier, either, so I'm looking hard for a solution, too (I've tried everything you mentioned, too). At least I know I'm not the ontly one with this problem

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    Whick IP did you set in the virtual server configuration as Private IP? First I had my real IP and then I changed it to the routers IP, because supernodes=>current conn.=>kazaa IP:port has the routers IP. Which one is it? I maybe got a bit better hitrate during search or then Iīm just hallucinating. The overall traffic is still very lame and it just has to be so that the firewall isnīt completely disabled.


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