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Thread: Emule Prefs Help?

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    what is the optimum setting for -

    max sources per file - hard limit ?
    connection limits - max.connections ?

    for ADSL 256K & 512K
    i currently have 256K with a hard limit of 900
    & a max.connections of 700
    with all downloads set at high priority

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    The max sources per file & hard limits only needs to be adjusted on some servers. Some servers was giving me grief when I set my max above 500 so I keep it at 400.

    The optimum setting is connecting with a high ID (no LOWID errors). You must enable ports through your router. I have a D-Link and all I needed to do is create virtual servers for the following ports:


    Optional: 1000, 1010, 1020

    There are more ports to enable but these were plenty for me.

    Check out, & to learn more.

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    It depends on your OS, i have two PCs, 98 and XP..... XP is so much faster on eMUle than 98 is.....with XP you can have 1000 for both connection and hard limit

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    The setting i use with emule plus mate.

    Imo works good as long as theres sources,which is the same for all.

    Connection :1000 max connections- in 5 sec > 150-200 <--only 2k&xp etc.. other o/s&#39;s cant handle that much,also decent pc & not 56k.

    The 1000 means the amount emule will hold altogether.

    The 150-200 means the amount emule will actually start in every 5 secs

    Defaults i think are 500 > 20

    Connection :Set upload to at least 11kb,(then emule wont cap your download bandwith),so when you do start to connect to ppl you&#39;ll download as fast as your connectons allows.Then place a tick to limitless download.

    Files> max sources per file to 1000

    Means emule will hold up to 1000 sources.


    Delete all the shit ones with not many files/users.Once you have the servers you like,turn off auto update serverlist and autoupdate server list on connection,If after time some of the servers die,you can just update and repeat.


    You could also place your temp&incomming to another partiton/disk.Handy for when your 80% of a large file and you suddenly format/re-install without backing them up.

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    not to do with conenctions or anything, but a good tip nonetheless

    remember to compress your emule temp folder (right click on the folder, go to advanced and check "compress contents to save disc space")

    this&#39;ll mean rather than allocating the entire size of the file (which may be rather large), you will only need as much space as you have of the file downloaded

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    thanks everyone for the tips &#33;
    since i&#39;m on XPpro 1000 & 1000 will be it

    now if they would release Sivka in a 30d version
    still using Sivka 30c
    what will come first - Sivka30d or winamp5 final ?


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