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    [SIZE=8][FONT=Times]I have been using Kazaalite for over a year now. I recommend it to any other Dj's. I have always been able to DL videos and preview them, once enough was received to preview. Now, every time I attempt to preview a video file, It goes to theater and the screen changes from black to blue. Then I'll try to press play, and it says, "Kazaalite has encountered a problem and will be forced to close." The only changes that I've made w/i the last month or so is a newer Video Card, and upgraded from 2.4.2 to 2.4.3. This is annoying when you have to DL insane size files to even know what you're getting. ANY IDEAS??? I searched through the Problems area but couldn't seem to find anything related.

    B Hart
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    Is it with just one file? it could be currupted.

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    Nope. I've tried it with several...

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    You're lacking some codecs, do you have videolan?

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    Preview with AVI preview - Theater is crap, has some bugs.


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