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Thread: Dreamcast Vcds

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    I know dreamcast can play vcds but can it play them without any special cds or anything(like straight out the box)

    please help

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    nope. well, sort of. you either have to use a vcd boot disc, or burn the vcds so that they are self-booting. but the dreamcast won't just play them, without special vcd-playing software being loaded first.

    i'd recommend going with the self-booting vcd method, because disc-swapping is pretty rough on top-loading systems (i.e. doesn't load the discs through a tray, but just has a lid covering the laser mechanism) like playstation one and dreamcast. it wears the machine out faster, so you should try to make the vcds self-boot instead of using a separate boot disc.

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    you still have a dreamcast

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    yeah, what's wrong with people who continue using old stuff... don't they know that they're supposed to go out and buy new stuff? because... uh... because it's new. and... uh... old is bad. or something.

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    i like old systems but i never like dreamcast

    i like n64 (mario tennis oh yah)
    i loved SEGA GENESIS
    i hate ps2
    i love xbox
    i like gamecube
    ect ect ..

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    Originally posted by Rock Tonic Juice Magic@10 December 2003 - 03:02
    you still have a dreamcast
    you still have an unbanned account here?


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