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Thread: Help Needed By Computer Illiterate

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    [SIZE=14]OK...first off .. many thnx to anyone who bothers to respond.
    as stated I am a computer any aid needs to be in 'single syllables' and verrrry plain speak..

    The other day I opened a file that had scanned clean on avg6, but nothing seemed to happen except for a lot of jumping about on the win media player window. no sound , no vision..
    Since then klite has been a total bitch..refusing to connect at times, and more often
    disconnecting whenever I seem to leave the computer.
    The file that caused it.. cant even remember its name now ( great help arent I) wouldnt delete at first. It just wouldnt go. It kept insisting it was in use by some progrm or person.
    Eventually by emptying the folder(shared that is) and renaming stuff I seemed to finally get rid of it.
    as stated it generate those error encountered/error report messge boxes, the "sorry but klite has" variety..
    I have uninstalled klite and reinstalled it a couple of times.
    Have just rescanned with AVG6, and it tells me my rig is clean..
    BUT...klite just keeps disconning..
    Never had this before with any klite since I came over after audiogalaxy went best part belly up.
    I read a similar sounding post on another page. but the guys trading info all knew what they were talking they lost me......
    So kindly and gentle souls, if you can help it weill be appreciated

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    not a reply...more of an add-on to my first post..
    the disconnection might coincided with when my screensaver kicks in.. it has done it a couple of times just now, so mabe its not a coincidence...

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    Sounds like you have a corrupt file in My Shared Folder. The way to narrow it down is to go into My Shared Folder in My Computer/Program Files/Klite/My Shared Folder, right click on the headings and put a check next to the Date Created field to make it a visible heading. Sort that field by last created first, and delete any remotely suspicious files you have in there that you created around the time this first started happening. Or all of them. (You can always re-download them.) Try that. Then open KLite back up and your problem should be solved. If not, don't know.

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    Nobody is illiterate, you can call it noob or beginner.

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    Thanks for the time you took Hypnotised..
    Tried what you said.
    Went so far as deleting evrything from shared file. even partial downloads..
    then uninstalled kazaalite..
    checked it on add/remove progs..
    rasn a find file search on the com' and deleted everything with Kazaa in it/on it/hinted to by it...
    opened Klite.
    left teh com...and it seems the thing shut down soon as the screensaver kicked in..

    so...looks like back to square one...again...thanks for taking the time to read aNDF REPLY..

    and Camille....always loved the name...
    dont know about illiterate, I am beginning to feel distinctly 'computerally challenged'...big-time....

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    Dec 2003
    tulsa ok
    The screen saver where did you get it

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    the screensaver is one that came with the windows xp stuff..just the basic 3d text one..
    nothing imported from the net.
    and it was running ok with kazaa until a few days ago, a week at most

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    Dec 2003
    tulsa ok
    Have you tried selecting another or no screen saver?


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