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Thread: Best Dvd Copying Software?

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    My friend has a DVD burner that came with her computer.

    She knows nothing about it, since I don't have one I know very little about them.

    I do know that if I want to bring some DVDs over to her place and make back up copies of them her computer will need some software to do that.

    What is the best or most popular softare out there?

    And by best I mean one that easy to use and can do most if not everything that is out there.

    Often the most versatile program that can do everything under the sun is not very intuitive and hard to use.

    I hear a lot about dvdcopyexpress?

    is that the one?

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    If you referr back a few days you will find a couple threads on this subject - with lots of opinions.
    For myself - to quote my previous post

    I use DVD Shrink for making the backup to harddrive -which works much like DVD Decryptor. For burning I use CopyToDVD - and haven't had any prob's with the burns I've done thus far.

    Not only are they excellent for most of your burning tasks - they are VERY easy to use - a 'quick' learn.

    DVD Shrink is 'freeware' - CopyToDVD is reasonably priced. Info on these can be found at Club CD Freaks forum or at Forum at

    Both excellent sites for vidoe editing info.


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    dvdxcopyI've been using dvd xcopy express and have backed up over 150 movies (only300 and counting to go)

    It copies dvd's to one disk (movie only)

    321 studios (dvdxcopy) is the highest rated,used and most popular sofware for backing up dvd's to dvdr's.

    IMPORTANT!!!!! Dvdr's come in 2 formats DVD-R/RW & DVD+R/RW make sure the proper disk format is used.


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