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Thread: 62minutes 28seconds Of Black

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    i run into this every once in a while

    does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    is it a bad codec or is it a bad file

    i have been looking but can't figure it out

    any help would be appreciated, thanxs

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    dont use kazaa!! or atleast stick to verifieds...

    btw, start exploring other p2p such as bittorrent, dc,irc, soulseek

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    need more info. 62minutes 28seconds Of Black of wat? a movie? a game? need more info dude. it might be a codec prob. dl the klite codec

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    thats cool where can i get that file (KaZaA)

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    yeh i heard theres a sequal of that movie

    Elisha Is My Wife, DONT TOUCH! (LP FAN - Fort Minor Sucks BTW) oh and forgot i use the alias NoX here.. lol

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