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Thread: Riaa Names New Anti-piracy Head

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    Fox News is reporting that ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) director Bradley A. Buckles will resign his current post and join the RIAA. The RIAA will take the 30 year veteran on board to head the Anti-Piracy unit.

    "Brad's appointment should signal to everyone that we continue to take piracy here and throughout the world, very seriously," said Mitch Bainwol, RIAA's chairman and chief executive officer.

    Its interesting to see what kind of energy the RIAA is trying to promote by hiring Mr. Buckles. Is this simply an enhancement of their fear campaign, knowing that this individual was head of the ATF when things went down in Waco? Or, was this individual hired because of his impeccable reputation and competence?

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    Reminds me of that video RIAA_PSA.mpg that was distributed last summer, where RIAA zombies raid a family home.

    Too bad we can't broadcast it on Virginia's cable TV. Preferably around Football matches and Sesamy Street. That would shake up those corru.. eh.. fund collecting politicians.

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    LOl, I just posted on this topic in another forum and refered to that same pic

    Peace of mind Findnot

    No time to work out? Try Folding instead.

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    Very funny!!
    I also have that riaa_psa.mpeg file, that is funny aswell, especially as it happens on christmas day "riaa home searches start 12/25/2003"


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