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Thread: Diet Kazaa.. Klite Not Working Prop Etc

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    well I don't know about you.. but I feel Sharman is now reaching out.. supernodes are gone for me.. all red... and downloads are as slow as fuck....

    ANyone try diet kazaa? I hera it strips the shit away from kazaa original...

    I think I might try it... if I pull the dats across I'll be fine yes?

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    now it's working fine again WTF?

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    anyone have problems running sharaza and kazaa lite together? Maybe this is my problem here.. I also have soulseek, sharaza and klite dumping into same shared folder... wasn't a problem till I configured sharaza this way....


    Anyone going to move over to Kazaa 2.6 with Diet spyware remover plug-in?

    Or do you think that someone will pick up the falling torch of klite and keep it forever out of Sharmans reach?

    PS: Sharaza rocks!! But EMule? Emule is a lod of pants... or am I missing something?

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    No, personally I wouldn't want to use the diet plugin with 2.6, because then I would miss all the KL-Extensions.


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