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Thread: Need Your Help On Sim City 4

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    I hope you could help me out. I have downloaded Deviance Sim City first, but i couldn't get it playing...only some minuts, so I decided to download
    Gimprus version. I converted the "bin" into iso, because the cue's aren't working. The version seems to be correct. The exact size etc... no error messages when i open the iso.

    Then when i'm gonna install it, everything goes perfect, disk 1 has no problems, but after inserting disc 2 i get the folowing message :

    A problem occured when trying to transfer the file d:\videoCards.sgr from the media. Do you want to retry copy the file, ignore or abort.

    I tried first retry, but that doens't work. When i do ignore, the game wont run correctly. What can i do to get this game to work? I saw that the Gimprus version is good, so I think maybe i have done something wrong?

    I have Win XP.

    Hope you can help me out....

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    I know what you could do.
    Install the DEViANCE version first, then install the gimpsRus version in a different folder. Ignore the errors in both installations. Then copy VideoCards.sgr from the DEViANCE version into the gimpsRus version's folder. Then it should work fine.
    Hope this helps.


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