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    Ok mayb u already knew but i just found out that u can turn mac icons into XP icons...

    does any 1 know where i can get the software featured in this article

    or any other software than can converte those icons

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    Finally - thanks

    Just click on the links in your "link" and downlad trial versions

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    I don't want trials but if thats all there is 2 offer i shall use them, but not without checking Emule, that has all the software

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    Stuffit Deluxe : tommorow
    Axialis IconWorkshop : i already posted a hash on All My Appz topic.

    I already have it both ,PM me Metro.

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    Just want 2 THANK SH

    ok have this thank you card...

    i know it's sissy like but it's the first thing that came up on Yahoo


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