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Thread: Disappearing Downloads?

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    I'm runnking K Lite K++ 2.42 on my computer with Win XP PRO. I have this really annoying problem thats really starting to make me want to kill my computer... When i download something, the download file will be on my computer untill it is finished downloading. As soon as the download completes the file disappears and is nowhere to be found. i've even tried searching through my hard drive, and no matter what i do anything that i download disappears. Some of my downloads have been transfered from my other computer, but I've done this before and never had this problem. What the hell is wrong?

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    How many files are you sharing ?
    You may have a corrupted file in your folder - try and move them into a temporary folder and replace them into your shares a few each time.

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    yea or in stall it again


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