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Thread: Norton Utilities

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    when i run NORTON DISK DOCTOR i get this message

    The operating system, or another process, currently has exclusive access to this drive, or some of its files.Norton disk doctor can not continue a repair under these conditions. A repair can be scheduled to occur the next time you resart the system.Norton disk doctor can still diagnose this drive if FIX ERRORS is unchecked.

    do i need to change a setting somewhere, it says the same sort of thing when i run scandisk aswell im quite annoyed
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    Run disk doctor again and "schedule" a check-up of the drives you select. Then reboot your system. The process will occur during "start-up" just before the OS loads.

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    You may have a bad copy or reinstall that utility. Never happened to me.

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    Originally posted by camille@11 December 2003 - 23:51
    You may have a bad copy or reinstall that utility. Never happened to me.
    Sorry, but you're wrong.

    Disk Doctor or Windows scan disk cannot fix disk errors on a partition or disk that is running an OS. Like Izagaia said, schedule for at boot up.

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    Sorry as well.


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