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Thread: What Happens To Cleared Uploads?

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    I have often cleared partial uploads that have been aborted. What I want to know is, when I clear them from my upload screen, what does the person who was trying to download them see on their download screen? Does it also clear completely from their download screen or not? If so, if they try to download the same tune from me again in the future, does the download start from the beginning again or pick up from where it left off?

    One of the reasons why I am asking apart from pure curitosity is because I have had partial downloads of tunes for weeks now with the comment 'more sources needed'. I can't believe that in all the times that I have used Kazaa Lite since then that I have not been connected at the same time as those that I have tried to download from.

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    Once you clear the uploading process, the one d/loading from you will find another source.

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    Thanks Camile.

    By the way Cool Guy what does nvm mean in English?

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    It means nevermind in other words he decided not to post

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