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Thread: File Recovery?

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    Ive heard bout 'undeleting' files with recovery programs like undelete, but what do you guys recommend and which is easiest to find/use? Thx

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    I guess if it works well for you and has no spyware/adware then good enough.
    I use data recovery software by Ontrack.
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    As stated
    Ontrack Easy Recovery saved my life on plenty occasions.
    The easiest and best ive seen- the trial version doesnt seem to go out of date.
    Even retrieves stuff after formatting hardrive....

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    Zedaxax has good recommendation and it&#39;s the best in town undelete program. Mine is not a trial version and you can find the crack easily.But if you want an easier recovery program try to look for File Recover by Rognerud.

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    doesnt the File Recover by Rognerud only allow you to undelete - one file at a time? atleast it did so in the past-this is was not funnny.

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    thanks im checking it out now.. Also got undelete off of torrent so ill see what happens


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