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Thread: Uncompleted From Shareazaa...

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    Hi... I tried shareazaa, but it got to messy for me. So I uninstalled it.

    And now I have some gigas with uncompleted files, and I need help so I can use them on kazaalite++ (2.4.3) and finish those files.

    I've tried to put some of those in my shared folder, but they don't show up.

    Have I lost them, or do i need to convert them or something, so I can use them on my kazaalite++.

    Please help... and thank you in advance!

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    you cant use uncomplete files from shareaza on kazaa because kazaa does not suport this feature, how did it get too messy, I thought shareaza has a very good interface

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    :-(!... I didn't understand the e-donkey connection, and when I first was connected, it took all my bandwith... I downloaded at an average of 1,8, and it was upload of almost 300kbs!!!
    All stopped in my computer, and I couldn't even go surfing on the net.

    One file took almost four days to download...and it was corrupt" When I retried on kazaalite, it took only 15 minutes!!!

    I prefer kazaalite, 'cuz it doesn't show so much of the stuff going on...and it was too confusing on raza.

    :-(... it means I have lost them??? ALL? ... noooooooo.......... I'll burn them, and maybe someone find a way to "convert" them.... or... maybe I can give them to someone that can download them for me.... SNIF! me-very-frustrated-tears-of-sadness!!!

    Maybe I should just delete I can have more space on my mini-drive of mini-gigas...!

    Thanx anyway for the answer!

    :-(... SNIF!


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