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Thread: Great App I'z Dock

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    Y'z Toolbar 1.0.3

    Change your toolbar icons in IE .

    WindowsXP only

    Download here


    Visit Website

    PS:Sorry for the topic title should be I'z Toolbar not I'z Dock.

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    Is this better than Google?

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    Originally posted by camille@10 December 2003 - 21:32
    Is this better than Google?
    Its not Yahoo Search Toolbar. Its a software to change your toolbar icons in IE.

    Edit: Thanks for sharing sh

    The only thing is, you have to keep running the program as long as you want IE to use those icons. It does not create an image backup in windows directory so you can change the path and safely delete it. It sort of hijacks the pathway. Its ok if you dont mind running many programs.
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