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Thread: Rename .exe To .iso?

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    I downloaded a copy of this file,
    - Adobe.Premiere.Pro.v7.0.WinXP.ISO-SCOTCH.ShareReactor.exe
    thinking it was gonna be self extracting archive, but it wasn't.
    Noticing the .ISO in the filename i was wondering if I should just rename it to
    - Adobe.Premiere.Pro.v7.0.WinXP.ISO-SCOTCH.ShareReactor.iso
    would this work?
    Couldn't find any other topics about this.

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    you on the right track , normally people post with "software wont run". anyway here is the answer i gave a while back

    "large programs and games etc etc have the extension .exe so they get recognised as software in kazaa and so get placed in software catagory and not .iso which would end up in "images" and wont run. you need to either change the ext to .iso to do this open the folder containing the file or open my docs then in tool bar click tools>folder options>view and then untick the box where it says hide extensions for known file types and apply, now right click on the file that wont run and rename it changing the last 3 digits to iso or bin or...... or you can open these files with isobuster or winiso and extract the files to a folder and run it from there or burn to disc. (This doesnt apply to the large zip or rar .exe files just the large .exe files that have the blue box sofware icon ) "

    hope this helps


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