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    Just wondering how to get something to show up using Anonx that I am connected or disconnected? I have the little box checked that says put the icon in the tray, but nothing is there.

    I have a full time connection with cable.

    If anyone has any Idea's,......please share 'em.

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    If you want icons email

    [email protected] they will tell you how to get icons by creating a VPN to the AnonX servers.

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    MicroSoft has so little quarks. The dailing directory that we give out does not have a the ability to make icons, because it does not have a proper GUID on your system.

    1. The easiest way to get the icons is to go to your network connections.
    2. Make new connection
    3. When it ask for the type of connection, choose the one related to VPNs.
    4. Just anwser the questions about what you want to call the connection.
    5. Use ip address
    6. Defualts should work. AnonX server will auto negoatate the connection properties. With the expections to time outs and restarts.

    You can compare the AnonX.pbk connection properties to the new connection properties if you have questions.

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    Thank you.

    Followed your instructions and all works fine.


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