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Thread: Can We Still Update The Bad Ips?

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    I just wanted to know whether it was still possible to update the bad IP list (by using bad IP updater) ... there doesn't seem to be a new file of bad ip ranges...

    is there any way I can update manually, or use another program (that's NOT peerguardian ). . . .

    Thanks guys.

    I'm also acting as a supernode, but my auzzie broadband sucks up/dl during peak times...arrgh...

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    There's a Bad IP Ranges Updater 1.3 (I'm guessing you have 1.2)?

    You can get it here

    Bad IP Ranges Updater 1.3

    Updating from the Peer Guardian database works again

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    Thanks a lot!

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    Yeah i have been talking to the PG guys and of course they will keep updating their database everyday

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    If all else fails you can join the forums at Peer Guardian and use their updated lists to copy into your Bad IP text file.

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    I was able to update my Bad IP Address file this morning to December 12, 2003 using the Peer Guardian contained in BadIPUpdater 1.3.

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    Good info...

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    Good to know Methlab's database is up again!

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    for now the lists are the same,so it shouldn't matter where you update them.

    im going to try to do another big update this weekeend to the database,so we will see how things go there.

    oh and im working on that edu list cosmic just give me a bit more time lol


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