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Thread: Backed Up Dvds

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    So DVD burner just got put in.

    (Info first)
    DVDs using DVDx Xpress copy (which of course can't be copied using DVD X)
    Once you have backed them up you can still do whatever you want with them in CloneDVD or Smart Ripper,

    BUT a friend of mine informed me that clonedvd is compressing the data again, after itís already been compressed by DVD X.
    Anyone know if that's true?

    So what if by using Smart Ripper to extract the data to the hard drive, and then using clonedvd to make a DVD, then will you be compression the data still?

    Just trying to come up with a way that the data won't be compressed twice.
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    if u got a dvd burner, i would be using dvddecryptor. so far as i know all you gotta do for 4.7gig(single layer)dvd's is image and burn. easy.

    for dual layer9.? it won't fit so i would use dvdshrink.

    hope it helps.

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