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Thread: Shareaza Won't Connect To The G2 Network?

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    Ok, you've just installed/updated Shareaza but it won't connect to the Gnutella 2 (aka G2) network.

    If 'raza connects to the eDonkey network, that means your firewall and/or port forwarding are set up properly,
    so thats obviously not the reason you can't connect to G2. Read on.

    Start up Shareaza.

    Hit F9 on your keyboard.

    A new window called Discovery Services will open and display a looong list.
    In the Type column look for the services labelled GWebCache

    Ignore the other services types like Server.met or Bootstraps.
    Don't be tempted to fiddle with them because that'll probably
    just make things worse.

    Right click on one of the GWebCache services near the top of the list.
    Choose Query Now. In plain english, this will verify whether the service is 'dead' or 'alive'.
    Query at least 3 different GWebCache services just to be sure.

    Go to the Networks window to see if Shareaza is connecting.
    'Raza should start finding G2 Hubs and eventually will connect to 2 hubs by default.

    If your client still won't connect...

    Hit F9 again, right click on the Discovery Services window and select Add Service.
    Paste what's in the box below into the Add Service window:

    Click okay. Right click on the newly added service and select Query Now.
    Back to the Networks window to see whats happening.
    Still no luck? Restart 'raza and reconnect.

    If that still hasn't got you connected to G2, try reading l33ts0n's topic on the Shareaza Forum.

    This info was compiled from various posts made at the Shareaza Forum, and in particular, big props to Shareaza forum mod l33ts0n.

    I've just gathered all this stuff into one topic, made it step by step and added some explanations for your convenience.

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    Okay, it seems that theres another problem in Shareaza

    If, for some reason, you are disconnected from the net while Shareaza is running, the program's connection configuration can get messed up.

    Your IP settings get set to and cannot be reconfigured successfully within the program.
    The effect of that is you can't connect to any network at all.

    The only fix that I have found that's reliable is:

    1. Back up or move all your unfinished downloads
    2. Uninstall Shareaza and delete its program directory.
    3. Restart your PC.
    4. Reinstall and reconfigure Shareaza
    5. Return your unfinished downloads to the appropriate directory.

    ...and you should once again be good to go

    The joys of using beta software, eh?

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    Or, as added in
    • Start Shareaza
    • Press 'F9'
    • Select all entries in the list, right click, and click 'Remove'
    • Restart Shareaza
    For the advanced users, all this does is reset's Shareaza's GWebCache set to its default. Shareaza will requery a cache that it needs. This should replace all previous lengthy strategies required above.

    If this does not work for you, PM me.


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