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Thread: Bin & Cue

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    I have just checked sharereactor , i noticed bin & cue files what are they & are they compatible with E-Mule.
    Sorry for my ignorance

    Just a grateful user!

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    any files can be shared on emule, so the'yre compatible. If thats what you mean.

    Bins and cues can be searched all over this thread.

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    Cheers for the reply.

    when you have downloded them can you watch them just like avi files ?

    Just a grateful user!

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    if you mean cue files no.

    but for bin files, depends whats in it.

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    OK Cheers

    Just a grateful user!

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    Bin's mate are cd images.Like if you copy a game ,but run out of blank cds.You can make an image on you harddrive for when you buy some.Theres a pinnd topic about them in softwareworld if you want to know how to use them.


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