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Thread: Unreal Ii Wont Go Away!

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    I managed to delete the program folder for Unreal II instead of going through and uninstalling it properly in add/remove programs(stupid).Ive tried to re-install it but it wont let me so i have gone to the add/remove and found an entrie for Unreal II, but this will not uninstall.Yes i have gone into the registry and deleted sub-keys but to no avail. When i put the install disk in it only gives me the option to 'Play' but with the program deleted it wont work.

    Please somebody help!

    i think that somewhere on my pc their is remanance of Unreal II that needs to go, but where is it and what can rid me of it or how can i rid my pc of it.

    i am also aware that deleting programs folders is a stupid thing but it was a split second mistake.

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    Go to:-

    and do a search for 'cleaner'. You should get a list of tools to remove unwanted files.

    Now you know what the uninstall software that comes with the game is for....

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    do a search on Google for a good little program called Regcleaner -
    it'll allow you to remove all registry entries for U2 including the uninstall program

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    Thanks for the help, i had reg clean on a pc mag disc and it solved the problem. Incedently i bought Unreal II and it is 3 discs, the download is full of errors and is on 2 discs.(be warned)


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