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Thread: Questions About Auto Search More

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    I'm wondering how useful it acually is. For example, I did a search for futurama episodes and checked "auto search more" it went so nuts it practically locked everything up finding so many people with the files.

    I clicked on files that showed hundreds of users hoping to get some good speeds but back in my traffic window it's only hooking to one or two people no matter how many times I manually search or expand and search each person as well. I also have speed monkey and kazap going.

    I was wondering what good auto search does. You would assume that if you picked a file showing hundreds of users that you'd be lucky enough to connect to enough of them to get a decent download speed but that doesn't seem to be the case. Why doesn't it do some kind of auto search more kind of thing in the traffic window and hook you to more users?

    It seems that many of the features or add-ons to kazaa-lite are disappointing. I was thrilled about Sig2DAT and made a storage folder of hundreds of files and then realized after trying to find those files that it's impossible. They never find a connection. In looking for well over a hundred (no, not at the same time) I actually downloaded only 2. The rest stay at 0kb/0kb and never do anything but sit there. After giving up and doing regular searches I was able to start finding files again. So what's the use of Sig2Dat's? I was hoping to have it help me find legit files and not fakes, viri, etc...but it's turning out to be useless.

    So many of the features or add-ons are such awesome ideas. I wish they worked. Does anyone have the "secrets" to finding fast downloads that I seem to be missing?

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    ASM just searches for more sources and does nothing more. Having Speed-up running helps to try to DL from the sources you found. You have to give it time as in just let Speed0up run for a few minutes and speeds should start to pick up. Also, you can't DL from all the sources you find. It depends how many upload slots they have available.
    When trying to DL from Sig2Dat hashes, its better or its recommended to also search for the file manually. The reason it stays at 0Kbs/0Kbs is because it has yet to find the file to DL.

    Also, read the FAQ, link included in my sig. Many of your questions were answered in there.

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    It's 0/0 because of the new way of not restarting, you'll see the size once it finds the file. The old way, you would have to restart everytime, but you see the thing.

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    I have left the verified Sig2Dats in the sharing folder for weeks at a time and through many restarts, so it's not the old "need to restart" problem. I've moved them back and forth from my Dat storage folder to the sharing folder as well. It does seem that there are many of us having problems finding the "verifieds". I really wish it worked better, it's a great idea.

    As for reading the FAQ's. I've done that. Sometimes it's helpful, sometimes it isn't. The blanket answers don't always apply. I wanted feedback from real users. FAQ's are terrific but sometimes it's better to get info from actual users that may have found a little glitch or a loophole that no one else has found yet.

    Every now and then I'll get a download going at a good speed but more often than not it's crawling along at below 2.0, sometimes under 1.0. I'm on cable.

    At this very moment I have Futurama episodes that said they had hundreds of sources when I did the auto search, downloading from only one source at 0.32 and the like. They've been there all day and no matter how many times Speedup, Kazap or I try to find more sources they don't. (as for the sources going offline etc.. I did another autosearch and the same files still show hundreds of people) It seems common for this to happen so autosearch isn't really helping a person to choose a file that seems to have many sources. The data doesn't coincide with the reality. I have the feeling that the whole Sharman network is a bit flacky and it's just a shot in the dark trying to hook up to someone with a good speed. I wish there were a better way to find the fast downloads.

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    Alot more users like yourself seem to be having speed problems. I don't know the answer, sorry. Kazaa is WAY behind in features so its really one of the most outdated but most used p2p clients. Try right-clicking and manually click to find more sources. Good luck.

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    How come people are having speed problems? Especially a lot of new people.

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    I have no clue and it seems really confusing and suspicious.

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    I have tried expanding the list and searching the other connections because speed monkey skips them and searches by file and not by each connection.

    I've tried moving the shared folder and even deleting and making another in case some super hidden file was lurking in there.

    I've tried everything I can think of. One odd thing though, when I did another reinstallation of XP and all my stuff and started up kazaa-lite for the first time it flew for a couple of hours then slowed back to a crawl. But, this could have been a coincidence because I had found someone with a fast connection and downloaded all the Futurama episodes he happened have. I downloaded 2 at a time so as not be a hog. So it may have had nothing to do with the fresh installation.

    I did also notice a speed up when I moved the share folder but again it slowed after a couple of hours and not every file was going fast. I hopped Supernodes with KazuperNodes for a while yesterday and found one person with good bandwith but I may uninstall it because I don't like programs that need internet access, even if it seems logical for them to do so. It always makes me suspicious about what else it's up to. Same with the Sig2Dat verified Desktop feature, the files I chose won't even start connecting once added to Traffic (and restarted), yet Desktop needs internet access. Stuff like that spooks me.

    I couldn't figure out what was the plus about hopping supernodes, it didn't help me find files any better than normal. Does anyone know what's good about Snode hopping? Is it useful or do people just do it for fun? I'm confused. It seemed useless to me so I went back to being a Snode myself.

    Do ANY of the add-on tools actually do any good? The only one I've found the least bit useful is Share Monkey Speed Up.

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    Too much questions... anyone willing to help this guy?

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    Snode hopping is just a way to find more sources and better users I guess. I don't use it. Snode hopping is just basically restarting your KL but a 100% success rate of connecting to a new SN and also you get to choose which you want. The Add-On are the best!! You only seem to recognize the outward ones and are missing the one that are taken for granted. Such as unlimited search mores, DL more than 8 sources and various others.

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