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Thread: Sharmon Supports Kazaa Cracks

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    Sharmon Networks has a very ironic way of doing things, first they try to ban K-Lite from the FastTrack network but now they seem to support other Kazaa cracks/hacked clients. Julian Ashton, the developer behind the Poisoned Project (first fully working FastTrack client for the Mac) was asked if he wants to work for Sharmon Networks and code the Mac version of Kazaa Media Desktop for them. Up to this date, Sharmon Networks was unsuccessful in programming their own Mac version of the Kazaa Media Desktop.

    Looks like the greedy Sharmon is using every possible way to eliminate the competition, either suing them or trying to get them to work for Sharmon Networks.

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    Not really.

    Poisoned is the first fully-functioning (i.e. d/ling and u/ling) FT client for Mac. Sharman botched up their attempt, so they buy someone else's to expand Kazaa's potential field further than just Mac.

    Sharman are arseholes, but you can't really fault their business sense in this incident (just the other 492 )

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    I love that sig.... Aol sux ... did you make it, or is there a group of folks flying it if diferent forums... It amazes how so many people ( some in my own family) pay so much money for such crappy service.....


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