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Thread: Long Pause Between Mp3 Tracks

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    After months of no problems I am now getting 20 second pauses between tracks when I burn a mp3 cd. Same thing is happening when using Roxio or Music Match plus. No problem with WAV burns. Checked my player by playing something I burned a couple weeks ago and all is fine. Any one have any suggestions on what happened to cause this and how I can fix it?
    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Your burner could have added pauses between each track. I know that Nero does it automatically unless you configure the pauses to be shorter or have none at all. So check your configurations in option or when you add the file to burn and see if theres something about pauses that you can change.

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    Thanks, I just looked at both program options again. I didn't see any options for pauses in Roxio. Music Match has a place to check if you want to add a 2 second pause between tracks. It is strange that a pause is being created on both burner programs and was not doing it before.


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