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    This board is fundamentally changing.

    It is a good thing in my opinion.

    Leave the lounge and have a look about. See what is happening elsewhere and have your say.

    It is becoming a general p2p board and not just klite based. If you have some thoughts on this then post them. Without fear or favour.

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    It is eventually becoming an "All in one board." Very soon, I don't think the members would need to go anywhere for any kind of discussion or problems. The change, for sure, is good.
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    those mothef* could they?&#33;?

    (j/k) i like the new things happenin
    IMO its makin things a little easier

    not that paul and vb werent doin a good job (cause they were)
    but i think bringin in 7th element was a good thing
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    Yeah, the changes are looking pretty good.

    It&#39;s just taking me a while to get used to them.

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    Oh, please...
    I like it, even though I am not getting out much.

    I agree, 7th Element has been a superb addition-the dude is workin&#39; and chattin&#39;, too.

    I like seeing evidence of our wizards.
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