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Thread: Cant Download Macromedia Flash Player

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    has any one got a dirce link for this peice of shit because when i go to this site

    then click "install now" it just takes me to a page and sais that its installled.

    It doesnt even pop up with the download box.

    So has anyone got a dirct link for the exe or if anyone can upload it somewhere for me ??

    Keeps giving me an error saying i dont have an interent connection.

    Is it REALLY going to hurt them to just have a direct download link ??

    since getting this adsl it has been a pain in the ass

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    have you actually tried it? flash 7 installs EXTREMELY fast.....

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    OK it must be this damn game.

    Ive downloaded street fighter online and when i try to play it, it gives me an error saying i dont have the flash player installed.

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    You might have to look for flash5 player as well. Some flash aren't compatible with flashplayer 7

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    thanks balamm, i was thinking i might need an older version.

    I whent on the street fighter online forum and asked whats going on and this guy said that i need macromedia shockwave player but when i try download it it give me an error about not being able to connect to their site or some shit.

    Could some one go to and click on the "install now" button and do a print screen when the status bar shows the exact url for the player ??

    It might be with a cab extansion or an exe.


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