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Thread: Count The Pop-ups!

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    Go to my site located here and count the number of pop-ups you get. Then post what types they are... Im trying to reduce the number of pop-ups by a little...

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    I get 4 if I turn off my popup blocker. That would be annoying to some people.

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    Just the one, "sign up for free newsletters". Hope it helps

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    I got 3 pop-ups. To sign up for a free newsletter. One about gambling from Tripod. And a little window which pops up and asks you if you want to DL something from GATOR. Good luck in taking at least one of those out.

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    Please do a recount. I added a java code and now im wondering how many you get...

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    Just the one for me (the yellow "sign up for free newsletter")

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    Did'nt get any.

    Had no pop up stopper on.

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    none with popup stopper disabled

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    So you guys are saying your geting no-pop ups!


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    alright! no pop-ups!

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