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Thread: Whats Another P2p We Can Use?

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    As asked at the title?
    What is the best, fast, easy to use, pulg and play and no spyware/adaware!
    P2P program on the internet!?

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    take your pic and read about it, all have + & -'s
    the hierarchy seems to be
    news gourps -> irc -> bittorrent - fasttrack/edonkey network
    irc and bittorrent seem to be a good start, news gourps are hella fast if you got a good connection

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    Thank you for the link...
    Whats the newgroup? I have good connection. Is it a program?

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    Originally posted by Spock4@12 December 2003 - 01:32
    Thank you for the link...
    Whats the newgroup? I have good connection. Is it a program?

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    if u want an alternative 4 fasttract, which i have to agree is faster than most despite its fake files and leechers, try geeting the original kmd 2.6 and use dietk ( to get rid of the spyware.......

    .......problem is that i dont think you can connect to k-lite users still and k-lite users r the ones that hunt down the good files from i-irc and other sources and validate them

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    mm irc is easy to hack through
    few file shareing progs. u can get just gotta know the right people

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    Il use emule but... for some reason the servers are down?
    Nah i dont want to use KMD 2.6 its a piece of crap... if you uninstall the program all the musics/videos what ever you download will be corrupted so yeah piece of crap!

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    I've had eMule on all day no server probs here. If the biggies r full (S.E.D.G, Razorback, etc.) manually pick one of the smaller ones. Maybe it's just me but I never had to wait more than a couple of mins to get connected.
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    Just because K-Lite removed from the official doesn't mean it no longer works and you have to use another program. I will continue to use K++ 2.4.3 until there is a better Kazaa Alternative.

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    COT DAMN you are so Faking right i have emule installed and its a peice of shit!
    so fucking complicated upload this download that server this faking piece of crap!

    Id rather keep kL + better + faster server!

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