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Thread: Corrput Downloads From Emule

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    im get crc errors when i try to burn images downloaded with emule. whats with that? also cdmage cant fix...

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    bad release then, because all files are 100 intact with emule unless the original wasnt

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    got the hashes from shareactor

    released by Deviance

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    you sure its not a cd burner problem?

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    What's the exact error?

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    do you have inteligent corruption handling (ICH) turned on?
    also if its a .bin/.cue and you opening the cue file and not the bin one.

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    Sometimes eMule can fail with I.C.H., if IPFilter.DAT is not enabled.

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    i use alcohol virtual drive to test it before i burn, and when i install i get blah blah is corrupt crc error. i also got maz payne on rar and couldnt extract due to crc error.
    thing is emule finds alot of corruption i remember seeing a 700mb image had over 200mb of corruption. and when i finally got it it was still corrupt.

    whats this Ipfilter thing?

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    In 3 years i had one corrupt file on eMule. and the reason i know it was corrupt was because eMule said at the bottom left, "Download part " " was corrupt".

    Then i let it continue downloading and it said , Recovered corrupted part. so it actually discovered corruption and replaced it before the download was finished


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