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Thread: My File Is Complete But Stile In Dat Mode

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    somebody can help me with this?

    this is the situation: i dont speak english so well,
    so i can't explain whats the problen with exactitude, but i hope the somebody can't help me here.

    i download some videos,
    and when is complete
    the file kip in DAT modo.

    what can't i do for it?

    and don't worry about my english, i have my little translator thing.
    and Thaks...

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    Reinstall your Klite.

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    I did it and it does not work

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    Use KDat to view your Dat file and make sure the Local path points to an existing folder or path, if not, you can change the path manually.

    If still dun work, I think renaming the file manually to the intended filename should work.

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    @Camille - reinstall is not the answer. How will reinstalling Klite change a file on your drive?

    @Keios - as Rickolh said (and provided your download was complete) you should be able to rename the file with the correct extension, eg .avi

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    that's the one,
    i rename the file and put the right extantion and its work
    thank guys


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