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Thread: Sbcyahoo Dsl Or Comcast Cableinternet

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    sometime in jan or feb my 1 year contract with sbc yahoo dsl runs out i wanna know if i should stick with sbc dsl or switch to comcast cable internet. what connection do you guys suggest.

    fyi. for my comp i play online games and well fileshare

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    comcast is reporting members to riaa sbc is fighting it and well i have sbc and its pretty good to me

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    is opt online and comcast the same thing? cus i thought opt online gets their service from comcast, or comcast has the cable box.. ? in any case, i would stay with dsl if comcast is reporting, but get opt online if u can, unless its the same thing as comcast then stay with sbc. i only wish opt/comcast was the cable in my area. supposedly speeds are up to 10Mb/s.
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    wew glad i use Sbc yahoo.

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    B) B) sbcyahoo all the way.

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    SBC YAHOO RULES I RECCOMENDED&#33; Comcast is SHIT&#33;&#33; B)


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