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Thread: Abut Connecting More Peers

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    Hi there im a long time reader 1st time writer

    I was just wondering and plz dont give me replies like 'NOOB' thx;

    How do i connect to more peers using bt? Or is the predeterminded by the area i am in?
    I'm asking this because im d/l a file and on supernova it had many seeds but im only connecting to 9 peers and 0 seeds?
    This would not be a problem, but of these 9 only 1 is sharing with me

    Any help or explaination to this? Thx 4 ur time and 4 any replies

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    The ststs on the Suprnov page are direct from the tracker, and only get updated ever 20min. So guessing that ether there might not be that many peers as the Suprnova says.

    The most likely reason you are not conencting to them all, is because some are ether on "super seed".
    If you have just opened the torrent, give it time, it will probally conenct to more.
    If your speed is maxed out, the Bit Torrent wont look to connect to any more peers. Although, if there is some 100% copies floating about with the leechers, then also it might not go looking for more.
    Have you got a firewall on

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    no 2 ur question

    but thxs anyway 4 replying

    I guess ppl r never safe from the leechers

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    You can click on "manual announce" this may connect you to more peers/seeds

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